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5 Ways Google Analytics Can Help Your Business

Most people know that Google Analytics can help you track visitor behavior on your website. It tracks how visitors find your website, and what they do when they get there. With this information, you may discover some interesting things about your business.

But there’s more to Google Analytics than just traffic and bounce rate.

You have goals for your business and, chances are, your website plays a big role in them reaching them. This is where Google Analytics comes in.

Google Analytics Can Help You Reach Your Business Goals


Google Analytics can help improve your ecommerce efforts and ensure you’re meeting your sales goals. It can track what brings customers to your website and what actions they take that lead to a sale.

Did they find your website using a keyword? Were they referred from another website? Did one of your marketing campaigns bring them in?

Once they actually land on your website, there’s another set of questions to be asked. Google analytics can help you learn what pages your customers visited that led to a sale.

Or perhaps it can help you discover what’s keeping them from clicking that “buy now” button. Maybe there’s something on your website that turns them away at the last moment.

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Google Analytics Can Help Improve Lead Generation

Some businesses use their websites to drive leads. Insurance companies, real estate agents, and consultants all depend on leads. If you’re a consultant, you probably don’t care that much if someone immediately buys something off your website.

You’d prefer your website visitors to leave their phone number or email so you can follow up later. Google Analytics can help you improve your lead generation efforts.

Using Google Analytics, you can discover what actions visitors take before becoming a lead. Or perhaps you’d like to know how many interactions it takes before a random visitor becomes a potential client.

Google analytics can help you optimize the path visitors take before ultimately droping their information in your inbox.


Perhaps you use your website to share content with your visitors. This content might be for generating leads or sales. Or you may just want to earn ad revenue.

Whatever the purpose of your content, it won’t do much good if no one sees it. And this is where Google Analytics really shines. Google Analytics can help you find out if your content is attracting visitors.

Not only does it tell you how many visitors your content brings, it will also tell you how they are interacting with your content. And this can be vital to your business goals.

  • Are your visitors leaving the site as soon as they land on a certain page? Then perhaps that content is not meeting their expectations.
  • Are your visitors clicking on links and going deeper into your site? Then perhaps that content is building their confidence in your business.
  • Are your visitors clicking on ads or taking other actions while on that page? Then perhaps there are ways to optimize that page to improve performance.

Google Analytics Can Help With Your Branding

Your brand is your promise to the world. It tells everyone what you offer.

And the message you’re sending, may not correlate with the message on your website.

Google Analytics can help you improve your brand. One of the things that determines your brand (intended or not) are the keywords people search for that ultimately lead to your website.

Unless you pay for advertising, there’s little you can do about Google’s algorithm. But there’s a lot you can do to communicate your brand (that is, your promise) to the world.

The titles of your web pages, the snippets that show up in the search engine results, and of course, the page content itself, all communicate your brand. Google Analytics can help you determine if your brand is giving people what they want and expect.

And if your brand is strong enough, random traffic will turn into repeat visitors. And Google Analytics can help you discover your brand’s strength.

Google Analytics can help your branding

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Providing information

One of the original purposes of websites was to provide information. And despite the advent of social media, streaming television, and memes galore, that is still the primary purpose of the internet.

Your visitors are coming to your website for information. Sometimes, they just want more information about you and your business.

Google Analytics can help make sure that information is easy to find. If you see that people are having a difficult time finding your “About” or “Contact” pages, that’s an indication you might have to change things up a bit.

If you’re a solo-entrepreneur, then you must take advantage of Google Analytics. Used properly, this tool can help you achieve amazing results and take your business to new heights.

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